Diamond Hotel

What's Hot

Boodle Platter (Good for 2 to 3 persons) at Php 2,200

Watch Party Cocktails (Good for 4 persons) at Php 2,600

Create Your Own Cake Decorating Kit at Php 750

Seafood Sotanghon Guisado (Good for 5 persons) at Php 950

Pancit Palabok Platter (Good for 5 persons) at Php 850

Seafood Bihon Guisado Platter (Good for 5 persons) at Php 1,200

Chinese Stir- fried Noodles (Good for 2 persons) at Php 400

Deluxe Grazing Box with Homemade Pâté at Php 2,200

Seafood Arrozcaldo with Shrimp Tempura at Php 250 (Good for 2 persons)

Side Order: Tokwa't Baboy at Php 160

Ginataang Halo- Halo at Php 180 (Good for 2 persons)

Ginataang Mais at Php 170 (Good for 2 persons)

Champorado at Php 150 (Good for 2 persons)

Seafood Mami with Shrimp at Php 390 (Good for 2 persons)

Bihon Guisado with Lechon Kawali at Php 450 (Good for 2 persons)

Seafood Palabok at Php 520 (Good for 2 persons)

Seafood Sotanghon Guisado at Php 400 (Good for 2 persons)

Lomi with Shrimp at Php 450 (Good for 2 persons)

Goto ni Marko with Foie Gras at Php 320 (Good for 2 persons)