Diamond Hotel

What's Hot

Yurakuen Father's Day Lunch or Dinner Set at Php 1,880 net per person

Al Fresco by the Bay: Father's Day 4 Course Dinner Set at Php 2,800 net per person

Ube Kinampay Ensaymada at Php 190 per piece

Criollo Ice Cream (PINT) at Php 900

Solo Grazing Tin Can at Php 370

Buy Any Platter Set or Grazing Box and Get One (1) 375 ml bottle of wine for Php 450 only

In can Cake: Moist Chocolate Cake at Php 450

In can Cake: Strawberry Shortcake at Php 500

In can Cake: Mascarpone Tiramisu at Php 500

Father's Day Platter Set 3 at Php 2,200

Father's Day Platter Set 2 at Php 2,300

Father's Day Platter Set 1 at Php 2,000

Father's Day Special: Chocolate Mud Cake at Php 1,800

Seafood Sotanghon Guisado (Good for 5 persons) at Php 950

Pancit Palabok Platter (Good for 5 persons) at Php 850

Seafood Bihon Guisado Platter (Good for 5 persons) at Php 1,200

Sandwich Box 2 (Good for 2 persons) at Php 450

Sandwich Box 1 (Good for 2 persons) at Php 600

Sandwich Grazing Box for 4 persons at Php 900

Sandwich Grazing Box for 2 persons at Php 800

Boodle Platter (Good for 2 to 3 persons) at Php 2,200