Diamond Hotel

Luxury Platters

Salmon Gravlax at Php 2,100

Slow Cooked Beef Belly in Red Wine Sauce at Php 1,600

Paella Valenciana at Php 2,500

Paella Negra at Php 2,300

Vegetable Paella at Php 2,300

Stir- fried Clams with Ginger and Onion at Php 600

Stir- fried Clams with Noodles and Mushroom at Php 420

Steamed Clams with Special House Sauce at Php 550

Luxury Platter Menu 1 at Php 5,900

Luxury Platter Menu 2 at Php 4,800

Luxury Platter Menu 3 at Php 8,900

Stir- fried Crab with Bihon and Mushroom (2 pcs. Live Crabs) at Php 3500

Deep- fried Crab with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce (2 pcs. Live Crabs)at Php 3500

Stir- fried Crab with Black Pepper Sauce (2 pcs. Live Crabs) at Php 3,500

Seafood Paella at Php 3,500