Diamond Hotel

Food and Dining

A1 Diamond Burger at Php 850

A2 Tuna Salad Sandwich with Whole Wheat at Php 470

A3 Grilled Chicken, Ham, and Cheese on Baguette at Php 470

A4 Grilled Vegetable on Brioche Loaf at Php 470

PASTA: Penne or Spaghetti | SAUCE: P1 Pesto Cream at Php 450

PASTA: Penne or Spaghetti | SAUCE: P2 Meat Sauce at Php 600

PASTA: Penne or Spaghetti | SAUCE: P3 Aglio Olio with Shrimp at Php 600

PASTA: Penne or Spaghetti | SAUCE: P4 Carbonara with Bacon at Php 620

S1 Mushroom Soup at Php 390

S2 Pumpkin Soup at Php 340

M1 Pan Seared Salmon Salpicao at Php 850

M2 Grilled Chicken at Php 880

M3 Lechon Kawali at Php 800

M4 Beef Shortribs Adobo at Php 730

M5 Nasi Goreng at Php 580

C1 Stir-Fried Noodles at Php 400

C2 Braised Tofu with Seafood and Mushroom at Php 380

C3 Stir-Fried Beef with Black Pepper Sauce at Php 380

C4 Deep-Fried Shrimp with Salted Egg Yolk at Php 530

D1 Siopao Asado or Bola Bola at Php 490

D2 Pork and Shrimp Siomai at Php 250

D3 Pork Spareribs with Tausi Sauce at Php 250

D5 Snow Mountain Asado Buns at Php 200

D6 Buchi at Php 380

Y1 Seasonal Fruit Platter at Php 375

Y2 Slice Baked Cheesecake at Php 350

Y3 Slice Supermoist Chocolate Cake at Php 350

Y4 Ice Cream at Php 250